nothing but

she sat in the rickety purple train with nothing but a yellowing photograph, a bar of chocolate, and a dream.

it gently swayed from side to side, a prelude to the grand future.

she used the photograph to find someone in a crumbling settlement under a bridge, then locate their uncle’s sister’s brother’s niece’s father’s daughter. arrive at a predetermined location, under a curtain standing in for a door that never was, find a secret compartment in the bottom drawer. the one with the engraved gods on the handle. empty its contents, flee in the dead of the night to board a blue train that crossed a bridge overlooking crumbling settlements and green overgrowth. on a cycle with a wheel and a half, another train, past two sunsets, no sunrises, and one angry uprising. past colourful clotheslines and a colossal collage of garbage. all the way to where she was meant to be. all the way to the end.

the dream and the bar of chocolate, those she ate for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “nothing but

  1. as someone who’s travelled by the local trains for two years, I can confirm, more often than not, a chocolate was all we had for breakfast.

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