Everything and enough

The difference between knowing everything and knowing enough is one that every individual should understand but very few do. It is a profound and beautiful difference, passed down over generations, one that should be treasured like moonlight on a Tuesday morning.

Today I will try and explain it.

Assume for a moment that a tiger is chasing you. Close your eyes if you want although that would mean you’re not reading this anymore and have been lost in a morbid fantasy. Good luck with that. For those of you with your eyes still open, a tiger is chasing you. It hasn’t eaten in a while and adores the taste of sweaty, imaginative human. If you knew everything, you would know this about the tiger. You would know what colour the tiger is. You would know what subspecies the tiger belonged to. The length of its tail, the last time it ate. You’d know what day of the week it was, the temperature and the humidity expressed in SI units. You’d know how to convert between the units and you’d also know that that knowledge was useless.

But if you knew enough and not everything, you’d know that you should’ve run instead of stopping to think because you have now made a famished tiger very happy.


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