All of the parts

There’s no part 1, but if you imagine there was, it makes the entropy easier to accept.

There’s no part 3 either but if you imagine there is, it marvelously excuses mediocre work.

How about parts 4 through 8? Let’s take a minute to imagine the even numbered parts exist. How do you fill in the gaps? Imagine the odd numbered parts exist too. The odd numbered parts make sense on their own so the even numbered parts no longer need to pretend to exist.

They take their masks off and exit backstage.

Parts -1 and -2 are hiding somewhere, they will come out after parts 1 through 8 and leave people confused.

But they have to be there.

The parts are all connected, a lattice of sorts. They are drawn to one another.

Then the curtain drops, the play ends. And you stop imagining things and go back to your life.



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