Dinosaurs: a short story

They say that news travels faster than light. This being factually incorrect, it is undeniable that news travels fast, which is why thousands of people had gathered in a football field at two pm on a Tuesday.

There was news of a dinosaur in the football field. So, obviously, everybody in the area dropped their coffees and shouted at their receptionists to cancel everything. People spilled onto the roads like a vicious, angry, sweaty liquid. Some children got into a mud fight. Five minutes later, a group of irritated mothers shouted at children. A Professor of Science tried to convince the crowd that dinosaurs were long extinct. He ended up covered in mud and surrounded by happy children.

Only three people weren’t rushing to the football field. One of them strongly believed that dinosaurs were extinct and nothing anybody said would make him think otherwise. Having abundant common sense, he didn’t try to explain this to anyone. The second person was named Stephen Marson and he knew that there was a dinosaur. He knew the dinosaur had crushed several footballs because she thought they were eggs, he knew that all the buildings were now empty, and he knew that today would be the best day of his life. The third person was asleep and dreaming of chicken kebabs.

While a few thousand people watched a twelve metre tall dinosaur chase her own tail and roar at unsuspecting boys in football jerseys, Stephen Marson strolled into an abandoned bank. His attire was entirely black and, in his own opinion, he looked rather dashing. He wore a mask and a smile, he even caught himself whistling at one point. He walked out of the building with a bagful of money. He spent the next hour repeating this routine.

The dinosaur had eaten three talkative vegetarians and was now trying her best to make a dentist take a good look at her teeth.

The police finally caught and questioned all three people who weren’t at the football field on Tuesday afternoon. When they asked Stephen Marson about it, he said that he did it, and that the dinosaur had been his accomplice. He was officially declared a raving lunatic and he never went to jail, because, as the honourable Professor of Science so rigidly insisted, dinosaurs don’t exist.

It’s been a while since I posted something, but I’m back now. Leave a comment and tell me what you think, and if I should write more stories of this sort. Thanks!


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