Waves: a…story?

There’s a sea, just off the coast of wherever you live, that’s so famous you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s famous because it hasn’t displayed waves in over a hundred years.

Scientists are baffled.

“The moon pulls on it but the tide does not rise or fall.” said one particularly baffled scientist who often scratched her head like the monkeys she had been studying before to see if they mirrored human behaviour.

“There is no known explanation for this. The sea is flat as black keys on a piano.” she said.

“I think you mean sharps.” said a second scientist.

“Seas can’t be sharp, do you hear yourself?” she snapped. “Fact is, it hasn’t waved in a hundred years”

“Maybe it’s forgotten how.” joked the second scientist.

In a recent reluctantly given interview, the sea confirmed that it very well still remembered how. “I’m just shy and the moon is so pretty” said the sea. It also said “Please don’t show anybody this, I have a reputation”

The scientists gradually developed a healthy fear of water. They now say hello by nodding or shaking hands only.

I tried something different, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!


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