Shadows: a 100 word story

Prompt beaverThe warm sun was making me drowsy, leaves from the tree overhead were falling.

I waved my arms and watched my shadow. But it seemed to move a little faster than me.

Almost as if it was telling me what to do.

My shadow looked up at a tree. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“There’s a glitch,” replied the tree. “That’s why a tree is talking.”

I woke up dizzy and confused on the hospital bed. The nurse said the medication could cause hallucinations. And I almost believed her, until I found the bright green leaves in my hair.

 I may write a second part to this. I would like to hear your feedback, so leave a comment.
Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Bikurgurl for the prompt!

Written for 100 Word Wednesday

Image by Bikurgurl

10 thoughts on “Shadows: a 100 word story

  1. I really like your writing! Your sentences have a nice flow and rhythm to them. It almost feels like they could be part of a poem or song. I also like how you always have just enough details to make it mysterious. Keep it up!

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